Here are just a few of the benefits:

SAVINGS: You start saving from the first day with solar.

FREEDOM: Energy rates are continuing to climb. Now you can join the countless others who are producing their own energy.

GOVERNMENT INCENTIVES: The federal and state governments are assisting home owners and businesses in offsetting the costs to install and own their energy production with deductible tax credits and other tax incentives.

INNOVATIVE FINANCIAL OPTIONS: Many of our clients choose a cash payment, a HELOC, or other available loan or lease options.

INSTANT EQUITY: Solar is an investment in the future equity of your property. The National Renewables Energy Laboratory offers a useful guide when determining how much your property’s value will go up. According to its research, each additional $1 in energy bill saving (from your solar installation)—adds $20 to your home’s value! (ex. An average increase in resale value of $5,911 for each kilowatt (kW) of solar installed).

ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE: For good reasons, most people are going solar to save money. But when we can do our part to preserve the earth we have been entrusted with—we should. Turning to solar makes a tangible difference that you can be proud of!


How it works:

Solar (PV) is a modular panel technology which ultimately produces electricity for your daily needs. A typical panel size is about 3.5 ft. X 5.5 ft. and weighs under 50 pounds, with no moving parts. Each module would produce 250 watts or more. Four modules can produce 1 kW in full sun. Top manufacturers guarantee energy performance for up to 25 years. You can install as many panels as needed—and add more in the future.


We are solar design specialists:

Everyone’s solar needs are different, which means it’s a wise decision to have a consultant do a site evaluation and interview before installing solar. A thorough evaluation of your roof orientation, space, pitch, and type, can provide important information to optimize your production and reduce your costs. Plus, we analyze shading, yearly sun cycles, current roof condition, and your energy goals to own or lease.