A powerful profit generator.

Discover the lucrative benefits from owning your own energy-producing system.

  • Capable of operating 24/7 with clean natural gas
  • Runs in parallel with the power grid
  • 40kW unit – meets SCAQMD standards
  • Compact design and connection ready
  • Indoor/outdoor installation and weather resistant
  • Soundproof within 70 decibels and vibration free
  • Five year complete maintenance program
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Installation by master electricians
  • Power backup option available


Reign in annual cost increases

When becoming your own “micro utility” —you protect yourself from the escalating energy costs year after year. Over the last 30 years electricity costs have risen an average of 5% annually in Southern California.


Drastically reduce your utility costs

Companies throughout California are discovering the lucrative benefits from owning their own energy-producing system by giving them control of their energy costs. For most business owners, paying the high price of electricity and gas have become a necessary evil and a costly fixed expenditure. It doesn’t have to be!

The utility company’s dirty secret

They’re called “peak demand” electrical charges. You see, the utility company evaluates your use several times an hour each day, to see just how much “demand” you have at any given time. And when they determine the highest demand charge—they set your per kilowatt at that rate for the entire month! Our co-generation system, when combined with other technologies (e.g. solar, LED, etc.), will directly address “peak demand” charges.


Rapid return on investment (ROI)

If producing and controlling your own electrical energy wasn’t enough, California businesses everywhere are realizing exceptional returns on their investment—as early as 2 years—by taking advantage of the current tax incentives available. These are dollar-for-dollar tax write offs.